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Who We Are

Elite Furniture's Logo

Elite Furniture's was founded by the eminent Sayeed family of Allahabad in 1979 and has since then been going strong. For the past 39 years we, at Elite Furniture's, have had one aim throughout:- to provide our customers with quality at its finest. Our specialization lies in using the best of teak wood for the furniture we manufacture.

We are pleased to have achieved our goal without compromising on our core principles and values – all thanks to our valued customers, who have had full faith in our honesty and dedication to deliver the very best.

We employ the best carpenters and craftsmen from all over the country, providing handmade and handcrafted teak furniture with flawless finishing. Not only that, but we also cater to the concerns of our customers by providing utmost transparency in the manufacturing process. 

Be it the bedroom, drawing room, restaurant or office - we have furniture for every occasion, place and taste. At the end of the day, the customer's satisfaction is our satisfaction.

Aslam Sayeed


Shakeel Sayeed aka Rufi Sayeed


Zaid Sayeed


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